The holiday season is upon us! Here are Laura's picks for some
of her favorite lifestyle accessories & décor.
Coconut Rose 2 Wick Handwoven Candle
Cut Grass 2 Wick Handwoven Candle
Peony Blush 2 Wick Handwoven Candle
Pink Sabra Pillow Cover
Pink Sabra Pillow Cover, X-Large
Turquoise Sabra Pillow Cover
Turquoise Sabra Pillow Cover, X-Large
Citron du Sud Bar Soap
Elegant Gardenia Bar Soap
French Tulip Bar Soap
Hyacinth Bar Soap
Japanese Quince Bar Soap
Beaded "Be Kind" Bracelet
Beaded "Smile" Bracelet
Beaded "Together" Bracelet
Buzzing Bee Earrings
Woven Tribal Bracelet
Cagey Conch Earrings
Crystal Hair Clips
Eye Heart You Earrings
Peppy Peach Earrings
Perfect Petal Small Hoops
Shimmering Shell Earrings
Shining Star Earrings
Gold Plated Stemless Champagne Flute Set