Designed by Laura's husband, Trip Park, Ringneck & Lure transforms Trip's whimsically painted subjects into stylish men's accessories. From elephants to game birds, fly lures to lobster buoys, all of these bright and vibrant designs will now hopefully make others smile as well!
Atlantic-Green Necktie
Buoys-Ice Pink Necktie
Buoys-Sky Blue Necktie
Butterflies-Light Violet Necktie
Crabs-Salmon Necktie
Elephants-Navy Necktie
Elephants-Raspberry Necktie
Fly Lures-Cerulean Necktie
Gamebirds Olive Necktie
Lake Lures-Teal Necktie
Ram-Celadon Necktie
Ram-Robin Egg Necktie