Brooks Avenue x Laura Park 🧡 Take a stop on Brooks Ave with the new quilted tote and crossbody bags! Brooks Avenue x Laura Park 🧡 Take a stop on Brooks Ave with the new quilted tote and crossbody bags!

Meet Laura

Laura Park is a self-taught artist whose lifelong passion for painting took root
during her childhood, as she immersed herself in the world of color within her
grandmother's art studio. In 2012, Laura made the pivotal decision to commit
herself fully to her art, drawing inspiration from her extensive travels and
personal experiences. Her dedication and talent did not go unnoticed, and
her artwork began to earn acclaim, leading to prestigious features in
renowned galleries in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Atlanta.

In 2016, the journey of Laura Park Designs was set into motion. Laura harnessed
her creative vision by photographing her art and transforming it into digital
patterns that could be skillfully transferred onto textiles. Her ingenious leap into
the world of textiles commenced with vibrant signature-patterned pillowS, a
collection that made its debut at the New York Now trade show. With a
resounding resonance, her brand soared to remarkable heights. What started
as pillows has since evolved into an expansive range of offerings, spanning
from wallpaper to lifestyle accessories and tabletop décor.
You might already be familiar with Laura Park Designs through her numerous
collaborations with fellow creative talents. She has partnered with
distinguished names such as Wildwood Home, Annie Selke of Pinecone Hill
Pillows & Bedding, Dash and Albert Rugs, Tart by Taylor, and more, adding
unique dimensions to her artistry.
Laura's flagship store stands proudly in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she
resides with her husband, Trip Park, an accomplished artist and cartoonist,
alongside their four children and three cherished canine companions. Laura
Park's journey as an artist has been marked by passion, innovation, and an
unwavering commitment to bringing art to life through her distinctive designs.